KNF Diaphragm Pumps - Quality and Affordable Vacuum equipment

KNF Vacuum Instruments and Equipment. Dosing Pumps and Diaphragm Pumps for Any Labs Budget

Diaphragm pumps and vacuum pumps from KNF are rapidly becoming more and more popular in labs. With the German principles of quality and precision, KNF products are used in a huge variety of applications inlcluding use with vacuum ovens, rotory evaporators, benchtop usage and much more.

KNF Dosing pumps are also becoming increasingly popular. The small footprint of the KNF Simdos and Liquiport dispensing systems has seen the technology be rapidly adpoted in Labs around the world. KNF has also released it new innovative Rotary Evaporator which is proving to be not only high quality but also very competitively priced.

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